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Bowgreave, Garstang
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  • • Advertising
  • • Brochure design
  • • Logos and corporate identity
  • • Exhibitions and large format
  • • Leaflets and flyers
  • • Video and motion graphics
  • • Website and animation
  • • Print
  • • Photography
  • • Online presentations

We combine thoughtful ideas with informed aesthetics to create functional design that reaches out to both the head and the heart.

Applied across all disciplines – including art direction, illustration, publications and printed matter, branding and identity, website design, motion graphics, and exhibition design – our approach to work is open and collaborative.

Design shapes the world around us and mediates our experience of that world. Good graphic design is a powerful factor in improving the quality of communication and the visual environment in general.

Successful design connects with people in a fundamental way. We believe in clear, inspiring design with integrity and substance. We aspire to timeless design that is rooted in critical thinking and context.

If you’d like to talk to us about a project, collaborate, or request further information about our work, please get in touch.

Whether brochures, catalogues, in-house sales literature, folders, direct mail, point-of-sale, banners, posters, videos - in fact anything a business needs to operate - they must be designed and produced correctly. We will help you achieve this.

We are a small company with a lot of experience, but our low overheads mean we can keep our prices very affordable... and there’s no VAT!

Contact James or Peter for a no obligation quotation.

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